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    Gallery/Articles/link - php script

    hey hope someone can help me out !

    ive been looking and looking for a script that would suit my needs but i give up know

    so if you know of a php script that could do the following please let me know

    with categories and option for private gallery.
    -user registration.
    -user management.
    -user upload / download - zips/jpg/gif*
    -thumbs and short description before they read/see more.
    -easy to implant in site.

    -user write articles / tutorials.
    -link directory / user submit links
    option to have a littel image next to the link*

    The script dosent need to have all the features but it would be nice
    so if you know of a script free or payed
    "dont have alot to move around with so no skyhigh priced scripts

    thanks iLLuSioN~

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    for gallery.. i Know this script, it's free and it's very good;
    it's called coppermine gallery. it creates thumbnails automatically using GD or imagemagik. You have choice to allow user to register/not register to create their own photo albums. There are cat/sub-category with voting and comment system on each photo.....You would like it.

    I am using the script myself

    For Link directory, you could go to and searach for it, there're tons of them.

    for articles, I have no clue, but iff you could write PHP, you can use the Link directory and change the colde a bit for your articles.

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