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    Please Help Edit/Develop Topics For My Hosting Help Webiste

    Hi, I am researching the things I dont know in order to develop a comprehensive resource website about webhosing. I want it to deal with dedicated servers and reseller hosting servers. Here is the topics I came up with so far, I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some suggestions, add topics, tell me which topics should be left out, etc

    PreRequsites (Such as the type of system and operating system OR a reseller account)
    Dedicated Server (Definition/How to set up/where to get)
    --Installing The Operating System
    --Installing WHM/CPANEL (Self Explanitory)
    Reseller Hosting (Definition / Recommendations)
    PayMent Methods (Getting Payent from customers)
    --(Any Other Suggestions? I need some)
    ServerMonitoring (Which programs/methods do you recommend)
    WHM Help (Just a list of everything WHM can do and how to do it)
    cPanel Help (A List of everything cPanel can do and how to do it)
    Installing A Firewall (Self Explanitory, but firewall suggestions would be great)
    Setting Up Nameservers (Also self explanitory)
    Resources (Reviews on programs and other resources used when running a webhost, please suggestions for this also)
    Backups (How to run routine backups with cpanel/whm)

    Please let me know what you think of these topics and help me build a list of more/better information


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    wow, that's a huge amount to fit into one site, are you writing this all on your own?!!

    NetHosted - UK based hosting solutions.

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    Yes, It will take me some time but im dedicated, have to pay off college costs

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    ok here is the rough draft menu that I came up with, I would really appreciate some help adding to this or editing it.

    see attached file (since i dont have 5 posts and cant post an image)

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    mods, i am not asking for a review on the site elements, all i want is help developing topics to write about. Can this be moved back if i remove the attachment?


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