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    php shopping cart alternative to OScommerce

    I am looking for PHP cart (GPL when possible)
    with a better design than OScommerce.

    Something like X-Cart for instance
    Some of the features I would like to have are:
    * Capability to have a multingingual catalog
    * Capability to allow me to calculate shipping costs
    based on my own algorithm (weight+volume).
    * Capability to insert animations (3d java/flash)
    for products as if they were pictures
    * Of course a backoffice management module.

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    zen cart

    Haven't tried it yet - but Zen Cart is based on the oscommerce code base - but includes a more flexible templating system. It might be just what you're looking for.

    I can't post a link yet (cause of the 5 post policy) - but a search for 'zen cart' will show it quickly.
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    you can try phpshop or go to hotscripts and look for shopping cart there, or you can try sourceforge. I would stay away from commercial shopping carts like x-cart

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    The easiest shopping cart I've found that is database driven was geeeeksoft's.

    It only dynamically creates the products, you'll have to set up content pages seperately (as static includes or use another content manager). But it was very easy to set up and understand, plus it was only $30.

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