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    Microsoft Exchange Server host?

    Hi all. I would love some input on this.

    I need a multi-user networked calendar that can sync with Palms, and that can be used with Macs. I have been using a program called Now-Up-To-Date & Contact (running a server version on an Xserve), and it simply is not stable enough. It has been 2 years of lost data and freezes. I am ready to move on.

    My only other alternative, I have been told, is a Microsoft Exchange Server.

    I want something that is very reliable, and I am willing to pay for that. Are that any hosts that offer this service?

    Please help!

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    It seems there are some places that offer Windows 2003 Dedicated Servers. Is that all that is required to set up an Exchange server? (The Exchange software is merely installed on top of OS, right?).

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    OK what I think I am looking for is this:

    A (managed) dedicated server that comes with Exchange 2003.

    There will be around 8 users, and I'll need around 40GB of data transfer/mo.

    Solutions? Where should I go? Thanks...

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