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    * Contact information for Cologuys? My servers down for 8.5 hours!

    After doing some research I decided to go with cologuys. Jon has been very helpful with everything and an awesome tech/salesperson.

    However, today 3/27/04 @ approximately 3am I lost connectivity with my server. I've called and left messages. I've emailed him. I opened a support ticket. In a panic I did a msn search to try to find another # for him. I found a listed phone # and called it. A young lady answered and said he wasn't available.

    I apologized to her for barging in but I explained that I have many clients on this server who work all the time. Including several of my own websites. She said she'd try to get a hold of him but hasn't been able to.

    Aren't datacenters suppost to have techs available 24 x 7??

    I have no idea if its a network issue or if my server is down.

    Does anyone have any other contact information for him or one of his techs? THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

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    I don't have any information to help you, but just wanted to wish you luck. Never good when you can't get a hold of someone.


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    Thanks Jeff, I did finally got a hold of Jon. Apparently there was an issue with their phone service not notifying them that they had messages.

    Their rebooting my box now and going to check the logs to see why it hung.

    Like I said, they've always been very helpful and gone beyond the call to help me. I guess this was just a communication breakdown. If it didn't happen @ 3am I'm guessing it would have gotten resolved right away.

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    his AIM name is: ColoGuys
    Best Wishes,

    Blake L. Smith - [email protected], Inc. - Wholesale Tier1 Bandwidth!

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    Is he related to John Ellis?
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    you would probably want to call someone in the datacenter in the case of an emergency since they are there 24/7, they may not be able to do everything but they might help.

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