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Hi there,

I need someone to take what I've got and complete it. The work involves DHTML behaviors, drag and drop, javascript and CSS. The person who gets the job will have experience in all of these areas that I can see, if that's OK, this work unfortunately has to be done right first time and needs to be delivered within a specific time frame, unfortunately I have been learning as I'm going and I need someone who knows more than me that won't find this stuff problematic. I'm basically looking for a version of what is at uk . my . msn . com, but with the ability to add and resize new rows as well as columns.

I need the manipulation of the layout to put information on what the layout is into hidden form fields as that when the form is submitted, the layout values are saved. I need to be able to specify through CSS how each of the columns, rows, etc are headed and look.

I'd really prefer all code to be done through DHTML behaviors to take the code out of my page. The system needs to be initialised with values so that it creates a certain structure, I'd prefer if that was done through inline style="width:100px" type statements rather than javascript initialisation functions. I'll need to take the code out and make a jsp generate it so the simpler the initialising HTML is, the better.

I already have a structure of columns that can be resized by dragging, and some of the css done in a draft. I'm running into a bit of grief with the drag and drop, and I haven't started getting rows yet. I've personally got too much at the moment to complete this at the same time as the other stuff I'm doing, hence my post here.

If interested, please email me at [email protected] with some links to any past work that involves css, javascript/dhtml behaviors and any info you think is relevant, and I'll give you further information on the particulars of what I need and show you what I've got so far, so that you can give me a quote.

Thanks for your help.