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    Bad email syntax. Be careful, dot '.' before the '@' is not allowed in DNS configura

    I go the message on the subject when I tried to signup at

    I do have a "." (dot) in my email address in this form "[email protected]".

    What I don't understand is why or where this is invalid.

    I've used this email to singup everywhere in the world. I have domain names registered which has this email as owner/admin/tech contact.

    What's wrong with having a dot in the email user name ?

    What does exactly means the message in the subect ?

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    I suggest that you contact them and tell them that they have a bug in their scripts. There's nothing wrong at all with having a . in your email address.

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    Its perfectly valid to have a dot in an email address. Serveral people I know do.

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    Guess what ?
    Apparentely yes, there is little a issue that may lead to confusions by having a dot in the username.

    This is the response I got from xName :

    In the DNS world, the SOA 'Start of Authority' contains email address of DNS administrator. This email is written replacing the '@' with a '.'.
    So [email protected] is replaced with in the DNS configuration (this is not dependent of XName, but dependent of DNS system itself). If someone want to contact the DNS administrator, should he contact [email protected], or [email protected] ?
    That's why we don't allow dot in email addresses, to have coherent datas in DNS configurations.
    This should change in the future, allowing you to setup an email address to be used in SOA different as the one used on your account itself.
    But waiting for this to be coded, you'll have to specify a valid email address without a dot before the '@'...

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