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    * Reseller Issues - Splash Something

    I'm getting increasingly concerned about my reseller account - I've seen so many great hosting companies go bad overnight - it's like an annual event to get a new service! I've been using a reseller account for about a year, since fleeing from featureprice. Have had generally great service, but things have been slipping recently with current host - not responding to tickets, periodic probs accessing cpanel and other intangible scares, although uptime has been geneally good. I use unlimited domains because I have about 20 sites, but they are all low volume, hobby/non-pro sites.

    Any recommendations on how to determine if it's time to flee again? Should I discuss issue-by-issue with the reseller or is it too risky to address since they are responsible for keeping me up / my tiny $30 per month account may not be worth their time to listen, etc. Comments?

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    make sure that you have your own backups...try to contact them again, if they still don't answer you, I would start looking for a new host in the next 48 hours.
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    Backup your files and contact them. Give them a few days to reply then choose your course of action

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    The support should be the same no matter what price the plan is.

    I can tell you some of the Cpanel problems are probably not your hosts fault. Cpanel has released a number of updates with problems in the last month or so. I would cut them a break on the Cpanel issue since it may not be the hosts fault.
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    Thanks mgphoto, inteltechs and markjut for your advice.

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    ...especially scared now since this hosting co's main page now reads
    "Due to problems with one of our suppliers our site will be offline until this is resolved. "

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    I wouldn't be so quick to blame everything on Cpanel. We have many Cpanel machines and we did have some minor problems right after the 9.x upgrades, but they were all solved and life has been normal again for some time.

    But, that said, try talking to Alan. He's a good man. He'll work with you to keep you happy, I'm sure. I would doubt he feels that your $30 is too puny to give you the time to voice your concerns.

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    Well, the way I see it is you came here to get suggestions...I think you already know. Once you see that on the main page, it's time to back up and leave.

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    I dont see why us having problems with our own personal server is a reason for him to leave.

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    I guess I need to address these issues directly with the company, but sufice it to say when there are several problems all coming down at the same time (even excluding the cpanel issues), I think it's reasonable to be skeptical and put out a feeler to see if anybody is experiencing the same things. And the problem with their own personal server being down is that I cannot see the status of my tickets in case they were updated.

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    We've been through a few reseller providers since our first account in 2002 and we were moving from host to host every 3 or 4 months in the beginning cause we kept picking the wrong one.

    I've come to expect that there will be problems from time to time, but the mark of a good host is one who communicates the problems quickly and truthfully with their clients, and resolves the problems in a timely fashion.

    If your not getting that, make backups and prepare to leave. If you haven't even contacted your current host yet, probably best to do that and give them a chance.

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