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    * Onefusion and Fusionserve down again? Oh no.

    hi, is anyone else with

    Their website is down for the past few hours.

    I was their reseller for almost 2 yrs, and in the past few months, things got worse and worse, lots of downtime (many hours) and tech support takes days to reply.

    I moved out my hosting business to another company but my domains are still with them at Fusionserve. Now I can't access my domains plus i still have some money credited into their account.

    Scary stuff... any suggestions to gain control of my domains?

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    Have you emailed them asking for them to change the nameservers of the domain names?

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    i think you misread my posting..

    I've already shifted out all my hosting accounts to another company.

    But I still used them for my domain name registrar service.. and now, even that is unreliable.

    I can't even access my domain names as their website is down.

    Can't email their support email as I got bounced email.

    Can't post on their support helpdesk as website is down.

    Phone line gives a "mailbox full" message.

    Looks like i'm stuffed.

    "Error: Host not found
    Host name:"

    "Error: Host not found
    Host name:"

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    Ah, I remember - was my first reseller account... I think I stayed all of 15 days... was one of my worst hosting experiences ever.

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