Just thought i should tell you how my experience has gone so far with atjeu

I needed a server urgently to transfer my sites from a server another datacenter as i was tired of their slow support and all issues were not being handled right for me , i contacted Atjeu sales at around 12 PM at my time , would be around 1 AM i think at that time at Atjeu

They responded to my questions within 10 to 15 minute and we had some discussion through e-mail all replies were very fast.

I then ordered the server and it was setup within 30 minutes.
The server has been fine since i got it ,

I had to use their helpdesk 5 times since then , but only for some small questions ( getting ips , etc ) all of my tickets were answered within 15 minutes of being first opened .
I had opened a ticket regarding harddisk about DMA issue and it was responded within 10 minut saying they will look into it , and got a reply within 30 minute of that and with all details and every single thing explained ,

About their network , i pinged it from servers from burst.net and servermatrix and the ping was around 80ms to 110 ms , dont know why its so high , maybe some other end of the usa but the speed i got while transferring my site was very good and the website has been loading very fast for everyone i have asked . Just dont know about the ping but it doesnt matter to me.

It is my first review here