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    Question Any1 knows this beast? (Radware WSD Pro+)

    Hi all,

    I have got a Radware WSD Pro+ load balancer. This is a pretty old piece of hardware but I want to make it work. It looks like this:
    http: //
    does anyone have any idea of where can I get any docs/software for it and how do I set it up? The Radware support refuses to help - the product has reached its end of life they say. In case further info is required for answer look here for a picture of its label. I'll be very grateful if you could help! http: //

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    Remember, google is your friend.

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    I have exactly the same WSD Pro+.
    Did you get it to work? The URL to the manual doesn't
    work for me, Acrobat gives me i/o errors.
    I can hook up to the WSD with Hyperterminal but I'm having
    trouble finding the correct settings.
    I tried 2400/8/1 and 9600/8/1 with no flow control and
    autodetect for the terminal emulation. All I get is unreadable
    characters. :-(
    I you have any pointers I'd apreciate it.
    WIth kind regards,
    Marcel Loesberg

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