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    Server Status doesn't look right

    My web sites have been running a little slow lately and I went to my WebHost Manager and click on Server Status and I notice this:

    Disk hda2 (/usr) DMA+ 82 %
    Disk hda3 (/var) DMA+ 91 %

    I have a feeling this is bad, but what do I do about it? I have a great web host so i'm sure if I ask the right question they will be there to help. What do I need to ask of my Web Host?


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    /usr is probably cuase of you apache logs I bet

    /var is also due to log files, they grow over time, etc. You may want to make yourself some backup copies and delete old ones or something /var is pretty important, you should watch it and make sure it does not get to 100% (actually none ever should haha).
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    install webmin and u can how space has been used forl ogs

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    Originally posted by youandme
    install webmin and u can how space has been used forl ogs
    You don't need webmin to tell you that Just use normal commands over SSH to find out the size of certain directories or files.

    - Matt

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