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    Lightbulb Looking for High End Flash AS Games Programmers

    Hi all.

    Just sending feelers out on these forums for anyone with very high Action Scripting knowledge that can be applied to some upcoming Flash games projects. AS skills would need to be very high as it will be used on some high end marketing sites.

    Keen interest in games is needed along with enthusiasm for the job at hand. The programmer/s would be working along side myself (online) who will be doing the graphics work for the games. All is needed is the wizard to do all the coding for it and have the knowledge to carry out what is needed.

    If there is anyone interested or know of any freelancers, students or technical wizards and has the necessary skills to pull it off let me know by using the contact form on my website. Only people with things to show will be considered.

    Please submit any links to your portfolio, if there is work you can send then contact me using the form on my site and ill get back to you and you can send work over then ok.

    Look forward to seeing peoples work/skills.


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