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    VB coder required

    We don't really do VB skins, but we had to do this fast job, so my problem is that our programmer is traveling, and another programmer wasn't able to do the job so, Iím 2 weeks late.
    now, we have an HTML version of the skin, we require someone to do the migration process for us, it's really a very simple design.

    So if anybody is interested please mail ( okail-at- ) me with:
    1-previos work/ portfolio
    3- Time frame for the job.

    P.S: this is a new market for us, so there will be many other jobs in the future.
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    Is cheap and by far the best.

    Im sure he will reply.

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    How can i contact the guy ? No information on the site
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    lol, don't you just love people who link you to a site with nothing on it!
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    Maybe he's just out to lunch. The site says "be back soon".


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    i could have this done today for a reasonable price, ill try to contact you
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    he has aim the same as the site name.....

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    His test vb isn't suppose to be publicly accessible (as the License Agreement states).

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    mm meaning we can have a testvb on our site as long as public cant access?

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    maverik > Yes.

    Web Rhino > You got mail.

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    Originally posted by ToOnZ
    How can i contact the guy ? No information on the site
    Sorry about that, I received your email and if the project is still open I'll gladly take the job. Also the price depends on how complex the skin is, don't worry about being overcharged, we're working at the lowest rate possible until we build a large enough portfolio to raise the prices.

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    Ashraf Abed

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