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    Need your help quick. [Recovering files]

    As some of you will know, last week or two my hard drive failed. Losing all my cousework[Essays]. Ok now I re-done 95% of my geography that is due in on monday. Also dont forget my printer also broke down on friday. So now I went out to get a new one.

    Look what happens now.

    In my folder where I kept all my geography files. All the word files, excel spreadsheets all shows up bloody 0kb. I cant even open up any images. I tried system restore to get it back up but that dont work with files. Now what? Please help. Please.

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    If you havnt heard about it, its a linux distro that runs from your cd. - read more about it here, and download it for free.

    after you have that knoppix cd, just boot from it and browse your files, find the files you want and upload them somewhere.

    then boot back into windows xp, and download those files.

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