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    Can I prevent WHM autoassigning nameserver IP's

    Danger: Newbie alert!

    Now I have my nameservers functioning correctly at the registrar end and are pointing to my new dedicated server I am trying to get WHM (server is running Red Hat Enterprise 3) to use the two IP addresses I want for my nameservers and not the default IP address for the server.

    Is this possible?

    I have four IP addresses assigned to the server, one as the default IP address, and three others. It is two of those 3 others that I want to use for ns1 and ns2.

    whenever I click on Assign IP address in the Edit Setup page of WHM it assigns the default IP address for the server. IF I click on the Manage Nameserver IPs link it shows me the default IP address listed as NS1 each time, even if I delete it and have edited the DNS zone manually.

    If I do a reverse DNS on the nameservers they show as being correctly configured exaclty how I want them. So why doesnt WHM pick this up?

    It's doing my nut in. Can anyone help please.

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    Don't bother with the 'Manage Nameserver IPs' feature of WHM - it's a pile of junk

    All you have to do is edit the dns zone of the domain you are basing your nameservers on and add 2 A records (one for each nameserver with the corresponding IP number). When done, create the nameservers at your registrar (as it sounds like you have done) and you're all set. The nameservers can then be used to set other domains to.
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    I've attached an image. Click "Edit DNS Zone", select the domain on which you want to create nameservers on, and enter the new entries like in the picture.
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    Originally posted by Jim_UK
    Don't bother with the 'Manage Nameserver IPs' feature of WHM - it's a pile of junk
    I agree why do they make it like that where you can't add or remove nameservers until they are resolved.

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