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    So I am searching for a file...

    I decide to open up windows little search thingy, and lowe and behold i have this retarded little puppy looking at me. Now to be honest this is the FIRST time i have actually lost a file on my computer and had to use a search to find it, So I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with this step by step search feature that Win XP has. Well i know the files a PSD file so I figure *.psd should be good enough and click the search, seconds later system resources are maxing out at 100% My computer sounds like theres a damn woodpecker going to town on the hard drive, and yay! NO RESULTS. A simple CTRL+ALT+DEL and end the search process, proceed to the START > RUN > CMD

    Get to the C:\ and put in
    dir *.psd /w /s |more <enter>

    15 seconds go by, no grinding no system slowing down, and boom! I found what I was looking for.

    I am still amazed to this day at how DOS is still that much more powerfull and efficient than this "long" developed operating system..
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    Been using XP since almost day one and have always found everything I've been looking for through file search. I carry on while search quietly works minimized.

    Being someone who predates Windows and worked in DOS for many years, that last line gave me a good chuckle. I appreciated that.
    Shawn Kerr

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