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    Verisign Payflow and Dansie Shopping Cart - How to require "authorize" before billing

    I use Verisign Payflow Link and Dansie shopping cart. Currently, any order that is placed is instantly billed to the credit card. However, I want to confirm that the item is in stock before I bill the person.

    a) Is this a change that needs to be made in the Dansie shopping cart or in the Verisign Payflow Manager? Also, HOW is it done?
    b) Once this change is made, where do I go to authorize charges after I ensure that the item is in stock. Again, in the shopping cart, or the Verisign Payflow Manager?
    c) Any way to test orders with a false non-working credit card number? I do not want to charge my own.


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    Most gateways offer a pre-auth. And then you have to do the post-auth / sale usually thru the virtual terminal. Check with Payflow on what variable to send to them to only do the pre-auth. Also find out if they are going to charge you again for another transaction fee for hitting the gateway.

    You would need to check with Payflow, but a standard Visa is 4111111111111111 and any good expiration date. But they might have to set up a test account as well.

    I am not too familiar with them but I know the above is usually standard.

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