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    Address Verification Service

    Does anyone know of an address verification web service that could accept an international address preferrably or at least a US and Canadian address and return whether it exists or not? There are many sites that do it for free but display the information in html files to the screen, which is no good for automated systems.

    Also I am looking for a similar service that will do reverse phone number look ups. I hoping that someone has come accross something like this...

    If not, how do you verify the addresses on your orders?

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    Many of the credit card processors offer AVS for a small charge per order.

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    I actually am looking for a solution to pre-screen orders from customers that come in.

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    USPS has one,

    I believe they also have an api for use but you have to apply. Not sure if there is a cost or its free.

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    No, there isnt a charge, look here for more information:

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    Besides AVS, the best way to screen orders is:

    1. Use area decoder to see if the phone number matches the location of the billing address. If not, don't process the order.

    2. Use an IP geo-location tool to see if the IP location matches the billing address. If not, but the phone matches, call the phone to see if they placed the order.

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    You can use a reverse phone number lookup like this...

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