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    I am looking for a new host


    I am currently using and I am just very disappointed with them. I am looking for a host that can give me 100 gigs of bandwidth a month and between 500-1000 megs of disk space.

    What are some recommendation? ...great hosting companies that are also affordable!


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    Can we get and idea of what you would consider a reasonable price for such a request? Also, if you are looking for quotes, you should try the HOST QUOTE link from the menu bar above., a Digitally Justified Company
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    I think that reasonable price for any person can vary greatly. So make more exact request for we be able to help you.

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    I believe you're a prime candidate for a specifc quote request . Try the below link:

    You should find exactly what you need if not something better!
    - Tim

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    If you're looking for a similar price like the one used by Ipowerweb, I believe a good choice would be Lunarpages. They seem to be good acording to what people say here and in other places. The down side is that you'll either have to pay yearly or pay a hefty setup fee with them. Visit their support forums, post presel questions and explain in detail what you use on your website (scripts etc.), as they don't allow some.
    Maybe would be useful too...
    Good luck!

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    You will get a few replys here try this

    Good luck

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    By the way, just interested in knowing about the problems with iPowerweb.. if you don't mind. It's good to know.
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