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    Quastion about b/w system of

    Quastion about b/w system of

    for exmple ,i use only one ISP ,so why some times when i tracert to managed it use XO and some times its use AboveNet?

    Whats the logical reason for that?


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    It's called BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)

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    Originally posted by kingfred
    It's called BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
    so why i can't be connected always to xo?
    why some times its go to ABOVE?

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    Because it is likely your ISP is routing you through the least congested route at the time. BGP is there to help route traffic better.

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    aint it cook

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    I think this is the first time i've ever heard someone complain about someone using BGP

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    hahahah yes. BGP IS TEH SUX()R!!@!@. its making my packets go SLOW!@>!@>...


    Just to clarify, BGP is not a link state routing protocol. It has no knowledge of congestion on a circuit. A net eng must modify the configuration to prefer or deprefer certain links to avoid congestion. However, if you're peaking out your circuit it could cause the BGP session to flap which would remove the congestion until it reestablishes the session. Yes thats a bad thing.

    These config changes could happen anywhere between the source and destination and change traffic flows. could very well be trying to keep 95th percentile usage lower by altering their BGP announcements.

    I'm currently seeing the following paths to

    4436 8121 8121 8121 6596 30092 27645

    23131 8001 6461 30092 27645

    8001 6461 30092 27645

    6939 6461 30092 27645
    Origin IGP, metric 50, localpref 45, valid, external, best

    Its going thru Above.Net for me.
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