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    Looking for Talented Web Developers and Designers

    Tanner Creative has a steady flow of work constantly coming in. If you are an expert php/mysql guy or talented designer please message me using any of the methods of contact on the website. Here are a few things I require:

    1. An excellent track record with previous clients
    2. An impressive portfolio
    3. Cheerful Attitude and Professional representation of self
    4. Willingness to 'go the extra mile'
    5. The ability to take on multiple projects

    Some things to keep in mind are that pay on all projects will not be given until the end of the project - until you have worked on various projects for Tanner Creative and have proven yourself trustworthy.

    If you are not willing to go that extra mile in all you do, are looking to make a quick buck, etc. then please do not attempt to contact us.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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    lol go the extra mile... thats just sales man talk.

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    Sending you a PM if it ever allows me to,

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