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    domain appraisal / opinions please

    Hi all. Just looking for opinions on these .net .org

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    both of these are all subject to opinion, i found it really hard to put a price on it, I do not like either domain due to the number of words...let's see what anyone else has to say.
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    I won't put a price on the futurewebhosting domains, but the 'ebaybidsniper' one is worthless. As soon as someone would go online with it eBay's Lawyers would be sending them nastygrams. A guy I know had a site named with "eBay" in the domain and it took them all of three weeks to rip him a new one. He got nothing for the name, it was just demanded that he remove the site and let the name expire or it would be a quick trip to court for him.

    eBay doesn't fool around when it comes to their intellectual property, or even something they think might "slightly" infringe on it.
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