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    HELP! Setting up a slave drive!

    ok here we go.

    I have a dell computer with windows XP home edition. I want to add my hard drive from my older gateway computer running windows 98

    So far....
    I have installed the hard drive
    XP said new hardware found, I installed it
    Shows up as a slave drive in the BIOS!

    However it will not show up under disk drives in My Computer!

    I was looking at device manager and it show up in their as well, but says it is the C: drive as well and the partition style is Master Boot Record (MBR)

    I think that is my little problem

    Any idea. Please help. I need this to back up my files so I can reboot my pc....

    BTW the slave drive is QUANTIUM FIREBALLlct15 07 - thats what they call it in the bios and device manager


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    USE partition Magic to rename the drive to a different letter, like.. D:/

    Then you will be able to view it.

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    ok I am looking for that now. thanks.

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