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    Question "Urchin" using a fair amount of space

    I have a small reseller account that I use for all of my different domains.
    This is a CPANEL controlled account.

    I've been trying to work out why the amount of space used by some of my domains don't seem to add-up.

    My main domain has the following stats:

    18MB of "web site"
    5MB of "SQL Space" for forums & blog
    This of course comes to 23MB

    CPANEL for this domain tells me I'm using nearly 85MB of space - a difference of 62MB

    Clicking on the "Disk Usage" icon within the CPANEL for this domain I find that the following two directories appear at the top of the list:

    tmp/urchin - 35MB
    tmp/analog - 28MB

    I see that "Urchin" is some kind of web analiser program, however should it really be taking up this much space?
    I notice that tmp/webalizer is using just over 3MB of space - a much more sensible amount for an analiser program.

    If this is right, should my hosts be able to remove "Urchin" from my account and the domains it contains if I asked them or is it usually installed at a server level?


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    it is using all that space because it is containing your access and error logs which use a lot of space.

    Usually at the end of the month cpanel clears the log files so you will be as normal.

    You could ask the host to remove it for you if you wanted.

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