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    Whole COMPLETED Professional Gaming Site FOR SALE!!!

    After a long awaited arrival, Halo has finally arrived to PC!

    In spite of this event I hope to have a better chance at selling this.

    The website for sale can be found at

    The Price I am requesting is $95 (A LOW Price for the quality of the website I am selling)

    If you would like a domain with it ( we can work out a deal (I own that domain and I am not currently using it because it was purchased less than 24 hours ago). Also, if you don't like the price, just email or message me and we might be able to work something out.

    It will come with,

    All PSD's
    Sliced Images

    The website is easily editable through psd's and html and is conveniently coded with php so you won't have to edit every page that has the menu bar.

    This would be my fourth attempt to sell this website because every buyer had either backed out or I lost contact with. Since my first attempt, I have lowered the price down considerably.

    If you have any questions or comments, please reply to this thread or just communicate with me via the contacts below.

    Payment : Paypal ONLY

    Contact Info -

    AIM - haloarenanet
    Email - [email protected]

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    Consider it sold. Email sent, Thank You.
    - Tim

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    HQ Max

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    i want it...

    what else is new...a day late and a dollar short

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    Nicely done halo =P
    cheap prices, outstanding service, guaranteed

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    Originally posted by brycewilson
    what else is new...a day late and a dollar short
    Welcome to my life story
    - Tim

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