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    Do "A Records" get stuck?

    I've deleted a domain from my Cpanel server, and now several days later, the client says he can't get his site up on his new host. The WHOIS is showing his new nameservers and A records, but when you ping his domain, my server's IP still comes up.

    Is there any other way to check the server manually for A records? I'm not the linux guru, but I guessing it has something to do with 'named'.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    It isnt your problem Stobe.

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    set type=any

    (or just type nslookup <>)

    It will list the settings listed in YOUR ISP's cache.

    Your ISP will still be showing the old info, as the output will confirm.

    If you do this same thing from a ISP whose nameservers haven't cached this domain yet, it will pull the new info. (Type "server <>" to query a different nameserver)

    As 2uantuM said, it's not your problem. All of this is just info on how to troubleshoot in the future

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