WebbyOnline and DirecNAP are pleased to make the following offer available for a limited time to the WHT community. Co-location is provided in St. Louis, MO at Switch and Data (210 N Tucker Suite 400). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Also, if you are in St. Louis, MO you can cross connect to us at 210 N Tucker, 900 Walnut or 710 N Tucker for this offer.

Level3 Bandwidth
1-39mbps: $55/mbps
40-75mbps: $50/mbps
76-100mbps: $42/mbps
101mbps+: $37/mbps

Cabinet Space
$30/U of Space

1/2 Cabinet with 10amps power: $399

Full Cabinet with 20amps power: $675

Cabinet+Bandwidth Bundle
1/2 Cabinet Bundled with 5mbps: $575
1/2 Cabinet Bundled with 10mbps: $850

1 Cabinet Bundled with 5mbps: $875
1 Cabinet Bundled with 10mbps: $1100
1 Cabient Bundled with 25mbps: $1850
1 Cabinet Bundled with 50mbps: $3000
1 Cabinet Bundled with 100mbps: $4300