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    Hostronix Problems

    Hey guys.

    I have been hosting websites as a sideline for my computer repair/networking business.

    For the longest time, I used Hostronix. Now, I've had major problems and I'd like your input.

    It started with getting paid slowly or never getting paid. Often times it took up to six months to receive my commission checks.

    Some of my customers began having problems and I attempted to contact them about the problems - and got no response. Then I noticed I was no longer permitted to host sites anymore. I emailed them again (the only means of contact!) and they said that they were discontinuing reseller hosting. Nice of them to let me know! I have now signed up with another hosting service that I am in love with, but am still faced with the delima about what to do with my old customers still on Hostronix. I have one now who can no longer log in to add/change e-mail addresses, and hostronix will not answer my e-mails about it.

    In the end, they wouldn't even accept credit cards from my customers - one customer put in his card # and they charged it but it never got credited. That means that I have to eat that customers hosting costs for a year. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    So, I never got paid, they quit hosting for me, and now my customers sites don't work and they won't help.

    Any other experiences?

    -Paducah Web Hosting

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    Sounds like a tough experience. Good luck getting back on your feet!

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    They have owed us a few hundred dollars for the past 6 months and they as well ignore our emails.

    They blame the lateness paying resellers on some chargebacks.

    Whether your clients charged back or not you have to wait and maybe they will pay, they have not paid us yet.

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    Thier original excuse for not paying was ...

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Tech Support [mailto[email protected]]
    Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 7:53 PM
    To: Phil C
    Subject: Re:

    All commission payments are on hold until further notice due to a fraud investigation (fraud being committed against us by a couple of members). We had hoped it would be wrapped up by Monday, but unfortunately that's not the case. A notice is going out to all members on Friday to inform you of what's going on with more details than I personally have.


    HOSTRONIX Support

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    Odd that I never got that letter.

    Does anyone know if reporting places like them to the Better Business Bureau does any good?

    Like I said, I still have a few customers on their system and their login's to the backend no longer work, so we can no longer add e-mail address or even view the ones we have. Yet, support will not answer.


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    Move them over to your new host.

    Massage the verbage so it sounds good.
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    That email from them was BS, they never sent out any email to any clients. They are just a rip off trying to buy time till you cannot charge back any money. We have reported them to the BBB but I doubt it will do anything ...

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    * burn hostronix burn


    i ran into the exact same thing you did w/ hostronix. unfortunately i just found out last month.

    I loved the way they had the companion program to set your prices and how you didn't have to actually pay anything to set up the account. I would like to find another host that operates that way but after weeks of searching all i can find is hosts wanting to sell me 2 gigs and make me resell.

    who are you going through now?
    if anybody knows of a host that won't make me physically buy space to resell please let me know.


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    Ouch find a new host

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    More Problems!

    Now then, it appears Hostronix has completely shut down. My few remaining customers on their service can't FTP and/or access their control panel.

    Even worse, their parent company domain name, has expired and I had registered a domain with Hostronix in the past. When you do a whois on the domain I registered with them, it show's they registered it with [email protected] as the owner. Now I can't transfer it, their dead, and they own my domain.

    I actually found a phone number and fax number for them today. The phone was disconnected, but the fax did work and I sent a fax requesting the domain transfer. We'll see.

    I now use Hostgator, and have been very happy. Very good support, speed, and uptime.

  12. Cyberspeed Solutions

    Hello, guys:

    My name is Mark Bembnowski, owner of Cyberspeed Solutions of Pennsylvania.

    Back in March (maybe April) I decided to purchase the Hostronix server software. Since I had also learned that they were no longer going to sell hosting services, I also had them write into the contract a feature where existing resellers could transfer their clients to my servers by clicking a button in the reseller control panel.

    Back in August, we finished setting up the servers, but before they would program the transfer script, I would have to pay them the final payment. Unfortunately, as soon as I paid them the final payment, they stopped any communication with me.

    I was planning on hosting all existing clients to term without recharging them. This would have prevented loss of service... Since the systems are identical, there wouldn't have been any problems.

    I do not know if anyone received the e-mail mentioning that HOSTRONIX will be under new management with brand new servers, or if I was just sent this by Joe Noble to shut me up:

    ===== START Message =====

    Dear HOSTRONIX Member,

    Lately many of you have been asking about the discontinuation of the
    HOSTRONIX Pro program. This e-mail is going out to let you know that an all
    new HOSTRONIX Pro will be back in another week or so with brand new state of
    the art servers, and new management. Good changes are in store that will
    benefit all of you and allow you to continue taking on new customers and
    earning a profit from your existing ones.

    Thank you,

    HOSTRONIX Pro Staff

    ===== END Message =====

    But anyway, here I am, left with no way to even contact these clients. I would have been happy just to have all of the resellers sent an e-mail. I am trying to come up with ways to get some exposure for myself (and the fact that I would have prevented any disruption in service at all -- had they been even slightly cooperative). Maybe some e-Zine will publish an article about the whole Hostronix dilemma...

    However, I do have a few leads, and they are all pointing to the same place right now. I pinpointed either them under a new name, or a company that should know their whereabouts. I am just trying to get a means of contacting these old resellers at this point. I will keep you guys updated on what I find out.

    I am going to try their P.O. Box, as well (I'm not optimistic)... If that doesn't work, I am going to have my lawyer write the Post Office and have them release any telephone numbers, names, and/or addresses associated with them.

    As for the reseller/hosting system... I will have everything live on Monday, November 8th, 2004. I was planning on keeping the system private until Hostronix members were all settled in, but I just cannot afford to anymore.

    I am all ears, guys.

    Mark E. Bembnowski, Owner
    Cyberspeed Solutions
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