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    Search Engine / Links Directory Script Insertion

    I am seeking someone to install a search engine / links directory on my site The site will be upgraded with a new template over the next few days.

    I don't want a custom built script. My preference is for replies including details of the script to be installed, examples of installations completed before, installation cost and an outline as to how it will meet the requirements in the spec below.

    This directory function should allow browsers to search by keyword (i.e. a search box), search through categories, see descriptions of sites before they click through and to add URL’s (with description, keywords and categories etc) to the directory.

    It should allow me / the administrator to edit, delete, approve and prioritise links.

    Additional functionality:

    Inclusion of content from DMOZ and / or other sources. Preferably with lower prioritisation than content entered directly into the site.

    The possibility of using the product across two different domain names. For example, I also own the domain I am considering developing this into an Irish search engine. If I did this using your product and installation would it be possible for browsers of to search the content of utilising a search box and category listings (within

    The site may be developed into a PPC would your solution support this? If yes, with what functionality?

    Outline any functionality your solution would have in relation to the management of reciprocal links. For example, giving greater prioritisation to site listings which link back to

    What would be the hosting requirements of your solution?

    Are there any specific template formats required for the installation?

    What information would you need from me to complete the installation?

    What script would you use?

    Will the script come with any reseller rights or allow me to use it on more than one site?

    Please reply with previous experience, references and any demos you may have.

    Outline the level of support you could provide post installation.

    What would be your time-line for completion of project.

    How much would you charge for the completion of the installation, insertion of dmoz content and the script?

    Let me know if you have any questions or require further information.

    Please note that some of the functions listed above are “would like to have.” It is not essential that you provide all functionality. If a particular aspect adds significantly to the cost please advise of this.

    I am also interested in any proposal for the inclusion of a simple links directory onto the site.

    The site is on Linux hosting and can support PHP and MYSQL.

    I have other sites in need of development and will work with you in the future if we are both satisfied with the completion of this project.


    Fergal Crawley

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    Thanks for reply. I've emailed you.

    I don't have a set figure in mind, but I am hoping to keep consts down by using existing scripts.

    I don't use any IM.


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