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    Server Speed - URGENT


    Can someone tell me if connecting a Switch To A Server using specific Ethernet cables alter the speed I am getting for Uploading and Downloading??

    If yes, what is the best to use for Switch-Server connections


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    make sure its cat5e cable, thats the best way to go

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    Thanks, but they all seem to be CAT 5, are there any preferences?? I heard there was CAT 5 STRAIGHT or whatever else option, are you aware of that?

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    That would be some messed up CAT5, since that's twisted pair by definition.

    Make sure there are no kinks in the cable and that the systems are connecting at 100 Mbit. I have seen some poor cat5 cable that was not stable at 100 Mbit (but functional enough to negotiate for it), but that was only from one vendor.
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    There is normal Cat5 and then there is something called a cross-over cable.

    Basically just use a good cat 5e cable and make sure the network cards are set for full-duplex (100mbps)

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    Also, cat6 is available too. Cat6 provides up to 40% more efficiency then cat5 as far as crosstalk goes. It separates the wires inside the cable more with insulation which makes it less possible for crosstalk to occur.

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