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    [Free] Logo Request

    Requesting a free logo for my site (sorry no payment). The site is under construction and needs a lot of work (newbie also). Would like to get some possible logos to consider. The site features framed shadowboxes mostly of movie and sports figures. The header that's there is just one of the pictures to fill an empty space and need not end up there.

    The site is

    Thank you very much

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    Logo :

    I have a few rules regarding free graphics.

    1. I require small text on the bottom of each page stating "Logo created by:

    2. Within that text or else where there must be a target blank link to

    3. Free graphics are NOT for resale, selling a free graphic will result in legal action.

    If you agree to the terms above contact me and I can send you the .psd or a graphic file such as gif, jpg, png.

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    nice logo, is mine, i really don't want to give out free logos but I could make my portfolio a little bit more than 1 logo

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    i just added some borders so the image a tthe link changed if you had already looked at it

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    Thanks for replies. Although they are nice, I will not use those logos.

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