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    Searching for payement solution

    Hi ,
    I have a free webhosting service and i would to turn to pro hosting service but i dont know how about letting customers pay for me via credit cards ,i live in Tunisia and have no account in any US or other international bank ,have just an account on a national bank ,would you advise me how to do do as experienced in this domain
    thanks a lot

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    try they allow international accounts.

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    -A copy of your companies incorporation certificate
    -A recent invoice for your company (telephone bill, internet bill)

    i forgot to say that i havent any company ,is there a solution for particular people ?

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    try this , , or

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    I live in Romania.
    I use paysystems for CC payments. You must pay a $50 setup fee . They send you a contract, you fill it , sned them with a copy of your ID card and the account is activated.
    In order to receive the money you must have a USD accoutn opened with a bank in your country.
    Also you might consider

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