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    4 : FREE 360 Days Time Bonus with just one order **Limited Offer**

    Dear customers or future customers of

    Feb and March 2004 were two very good months for our network
    Our sales were nearly doubled
    75% of these new sales came from old customers and 25% from new

    To say a big thanks and honor your appreciation and your trust to we offer 360 days free renewal for your account if you can bring us just one sale of the hosting plan 2 in the following 4 days. All we need is :
    at the signup form of the new hosting account the submitter to put at the comments field "My referrer was" (at the place of 'your_site' he must put the actual name of your site)
    This site will receive a 360 days increase to the current hosting subscription (they will be added to your current subscription)

    In detail :
    If you bring us a sale in the next :

    4 days ( until 30-Mar-04 ) you get 360 days increase to your subscription ( that's about 12 months )
    8 days ( until 3-Apr-04 ) you get 180 days increase to your subscription ( that's about 6 months )
    12 days ( until 7-Apr-04 ) you get 90 days increase to your subscription ( that's about 3 months )
    16 days ( until 11-Apr-04 ) you get 45 days increase to your subscription ( that's about 1,5 months )
    20 days ( until 15-Apr-04 ) you get 22 days increase to your subscription
    24 days ( until 19-Apr-04 ) you get 11 days increase to your subscription
    28 days ( until 23-Apr-04 ) you get 5 days increase to your subscription
    32 days ( until 27-Apr-04 ) you get 2 days increase to your subscription
    36 days ( until 1-May-04 ) you get 1 day increase to your subscription

    all dates and times will be calculated with the standard GMT and the time the order of the new domain will be placed

    This is not all. Even the new customers you will refer to us they will be entitled to get the same offer. So they can join , pay for one year plan 2 and get extended subscription time if they refer another sale


    New orders that will come from forum users will receive the same time bonus as our current customers with the first order ( just one order of plan 2 )
    They will need to fill at the comment field of the order form the phrase "I saw your offer #720 in" and they will receive the extended time bonus

    This is a limited offer and it is valid while we still have empty space to our current servers. We will accept no more than 200 new orders for this offer
    This offer will not be presented on the main site

    Thank you
    4Cheap Hosting Network
    "4Cheap Hosting you can rely"

    Visit us here :
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