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    Home host? Am I insane?

    I'm leasing an old Cobalt RAQ 3 here in the UK whose lease will be expiring soon. Got a great deal 3 years ago and pre-paid for the low low price of 11 a month. Now that I'm at the end of the lease, they have raised the renewal price to 30 a month for the same box!

    Which leads me to my quandry. I had all sorts of dreams for the kinds of things I could with my box, but outside of a few CMS's, a Jabber server, and the occasional Shoutcast relay, the box is basically a mail server for about 12-15 domains. Not a lot of load there either.

    If you were in my position, what would you do? I'm thinking of building a homebrew server to run off my aDSL line at home. My box doesn't use a lot of bandwidth (or CPU/RAM for that matter), and I can't justify spending $40-$50 a month for a dedicated server. Plus, I recently built a PVR using the Nemimiah board which is fanless and really low power! What more could you ask for??

    Any suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance.


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    sign up for a vds? seems like itd fit your needs

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    Shouldn't be a problem to host that at home. Just make sure you (and your users) can handle downtime if you connection goes out or you have power failure.

    Also, make sure your provider doesn't have firewall issues if you intend to have services such as ftp or http.

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    well, i hope the 12-15 domians are just you're an not client domains taht are paying if you're going to run it off your adsl ...

    standard uk adsl has no sla, no expected time to fix, and has a habit of "vanishing" 3 times a week
    and if this is a home connection you're probably talking 512kbs/down, 256kbs/up 50:1 contention - so in *theory* you could be getting as little as 10kbs/ down 5kb/s up .. you want that on a server doing real work ?

    a better adsl line is going to cost you more than the colo cost for the server ... 2mb/s down, 256/up , 20:1 is around 75/month

    if this is handling mail for you @ home, what happens if the power goes? the adsl goes ? the supplier has issues ? you're mail potentially goes down a blackhole - so you'll need a secondary MX service - yet more cost

    when you can get colo for under 20/m for a cobalt raq, is it really worth the risk ?
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    get your self a shared account or a reseller account that and that will keep you good for long long time.

    15 domains with e-mails only will be real cheap.
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    Sounds like you were with with their 3 year tie in?

    Until this week I had 10 domains on a Raq4 with at $99/month (paid monthly). The Raq4 is functional but pre-historic. I was very happy with it and did not see the need to upgrade though.

    Nevertheless I have now migrated to a $99/month Celeron 2.4 with 1Gb RAM at Wow. The performance improvement is staggering. Moral of the story: when it's time to move on from the Raq, then move on.

    As has been said, there are support and maintenance issues with having a server on an ADSL line. Unless maintaining a server/network is also your day job, then it's not worth the hassle, certainly not if you want any degree of reliability. It would be fine for firing off a batch of emails (say a newsletter) but not if you need it online 24/7.

    You're better off (financially & stress-wise) getting the cheapest dedicated deal available, with the cheapest machine you can spot. I would recommend a US host rather than a UK host as it will be cheaper (especially with the current exchange rate!) - unless there is any definite reason for having the machine in the UK (I can't think of one).

    > Home host? Am I insane?

    Yes :-)

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