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    Question High availability, large storage solutions?

    Who would you suggest for high availability, large storage solutions?

    High availability = 99.9% (minimum) Uptime w/ "real" SLA
    Large Storage = 2 - 4 TB SCSI setup w/ Raid 5.

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    Wow, with that cpecs, you better setup your own Datacenter! :-)
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    Are you considering to cluster?? Hmm.. sounds Odd, at least if you asked for IDE it would be much easier, however if you dont get a solution, then you should definitely go with the SUN Storage Solution, it costs $1,000,000 . I own one, want to have a look. 150TB of storage ...
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    Prohosters i would.......

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    Thats a monster!

    I don't need 150TB, this would be more than sufficient

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    do you make pizza in that lol

    "Wow, with that cpecs, you better setup your own Datacenter! :-)"

    well if you look at his offers yes he is moving toward that as i can see wish him luck
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    Amaazing man,

    This is exactly what you need ....

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    The easiest thing is probably to just buy the server yourself and colocate it. We have customers with setups like these; when they want to lease, I recommend they buy from a vendor that allows them to lease directly or place the item on a company credit card that will allow them to pay it off over time.
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    IBM FASTT-series SAN


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