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    XML with Apache on Linux

    I'm trying to get my installation of Apache (on Linux) to be able to handle XML. Basically, what package(s) do I need, and what is the best way to configure it/them so that Apache will recognize it/them and handle XML documents?

    I'm not very advanced with Linux yet, so the more "dumbed down" you can make things, the better.

    Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    Also, if anyone could offer suggestions as to why Apache is acting a bit....odd as of today, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Last night, I compiled in Apache 2.0.49. Now, when I try to access my website, it wants to download a file instead of serving the index file. If I were to access my site with the address http: // (ignore the space, I just put it there so that I can make this post as I "can't post links to other sites until I have 5 posts"), it wants to send me a file named 1.2.3[1] and the same pattern applies for any address (x.x.x[1]).

    I checked my extendedstatus, and it's still running Apache 2.0.47, and not .49. I shut Apache down while I was compiling in .49, then when I was done with ./configure, make, make install'ing .49, I started Apache back up and just went to bed. Went to check on my site when I woke up, and that's what I found.


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    OK, looks like I've got the answer to my question about XML answered (need to recompile PHP with some different flags, which is fine, I needed to update PHP anyways...).

    If anyone could offer some suggestions as to why Apache is downloading a file instead of serving the index file that'd be WONDERFUL.


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