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    I signed up for this service last year. They double charged my credit card, and profusely apologized, saying they would refund it and give me more time. They never did.

    They responded once, and never again. Now it is gone, parked on godaddy with a pending status. The tech contact was in the whois and I wrote to him, but now the whois doesn't give any contact, and I can't remember who he was.

    My site continued to work until this week. Now the nameservers are gone.

    Does anyone know if anything can be done about this? Anyway, be warned about them.

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    Contact your credit card company and demand that they reverse the charge.

    Think "Be the squeeky wheel and you will get oiled"
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    Have you paid for that month of your credit card, if not, refuse the charge.

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    Is it really necessary to start another thread? [AS you already brought up a year old thread]

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