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    Website is Unreachable using certain ISP


    I have a problem with my website, there are times that my is unreachable through the domain name but can be viewed using the IP, however, if browsing the site using a different ISP it can be viewed.

    How do you solve problems?

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    whats the website?

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    The website is Im actually not experiencing it right now but there are times when I do. And the following day it just works again or a couple of hours after.

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    I see where the problem is. The NS1 for your domain is not responding. Here are the results from the test I did:

    Searching for A record for at Got referral to E.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. [took 58 ms]

    Searching for A record for at E.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.: Got referral to [took 101 ms]

    Searching for A record for at Error: Couldn't resolve DNS server name/IP [][11001].

    An error occurred: Couldn't resolve DNS server name/IP [][11001].

    All this time, the NS2 is responding fine by getting the A records for your domain. So when a visitor types in the URL and if the DNS of the ISP queries the NS2, your site will fail to load.

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    name servers

    is it adventageous to add a tertiary name server for redundancy or is it all a matter of the the qualifying hosts operating stability ?

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    Well I just kinda added the and just recently after the problem. What I did is on the other server (thats the ns1 and ns2) I am on, I added and have the IP pointed to the real server where pic-link resides. the real server where piclink is at NAC and the second server is at GNAX. I had checked my dns settings and dnsreport and it passes. I hope this is the best solutions I could get.

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    I don't think it's a good solution.

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    So what can you suggest? In the other server I added an A record so that if ever vs1 and vs2 nameserver fails the server could still be reached.

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