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    Question Just a General Question


    Well, since I got my hosting thing taken care of..... Now I'm looking to have a new site made..

    I just need a basic template sort of thing. 3 or 4 unique pages, ie: one for the front page where all the highlights & updates & stuff go.. and then 2 or 3 pages for a variation in the articles themselves. maybe a photo gallery page as well - i can put the photos & the content in myself, all i need is a template to do it. Because I'm horrible at designing my own layouts.

    By template, I mean... To have everything ready for me to just add the text & pictures & then it's ready to be seen by the world.

    I already have someone working on my logo.. I should get him to join this place, because he just rocks at making graphics. He's made me lots of purdies.. lol He's like the Luis Royo of digital art, man.. lol anyway...

    So, if you wanna PM me & gimme a price or just chat & shoot the breeze.. go ahead.. hehehe

    All The Best,
    ~ Candy ~

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    I will give you some help if you need it

    you have many choices on how to contact me

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