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    Why my email go to bulk mail folder?


    Recently i have get a reseller package. (shared hosting)
    After setting up everything, i sent some emails to my friends. They are using yahoo emails and hotmail.

    All of the yahoo user told me that my emails go to their yahoo bulk folder and not inbox. Which make me dun understand why? But for hotmail, no problem at all.

    Anyone here know what is the problem? Could it be my web hosting company is blacklisted in yahoo?


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    The mail content or title maybe?
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    I had same problem... have them flag the messages in Yahoo as "not spam".

    After a few times... your messages will stop going to spam. It is possible your IP address was used by a spammer before you!

    I hope this helps.

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    I bet your server is not reverse DNSed. I would ask your provider if your server has reverse DNS setup, or try to look up here:

    Many servers do not accept email from servers that do not have reverse DNS set up, and that includes AOL.

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