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    my PHP & MySQL site

    well my site is all done php & mysql
    all my sites use PHP, its so easy
    anyway is the site

    wutcha think?

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    I think this is the wrong board. BUt I'll say a few words :-)

    First, what does that name mean? what relation does it have to the site contents? :-)

    Design: fair, I probably couldnt do better myself All your neat litle boxes does take up quite a bit of space tho.

    Contents: I would have written a short introduction on the home page that introduces what the site is about etc. (site news is not very important to the user, he wants contents, not to know that now you fixed that particular bug etc.) You need to convince us that here is a great site for webmasters, but what makes your site different from all the others (apart from being empty atm hehe). What I urge is that you make it more unique/change focus slightly or something.

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    Site looks reallynice.

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    Its kind of dull
    You need to add some colors to liven it up.
    Also, like others said, what does the domain have to do with the content?

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