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    Gisol and mailing lists


    I have a site hosted by Gisol.
    We have been having so many problems with Gisol from servers
    being down for more than 24 hours to losing files.
    But our main problem is with the mailing list.
    We have a community mailing list which all members post.
    We are using my mailing list. It used to work nicely untill
    two months ago. When members send their mail 60%
    is not distributed to the subscribers but you can see it
    on mailing list archives that it was posted but not distributed.
    We have opened a problem ticket with gisol for the last two months. Finaly they are saying they made changes to there
    servers to reduce spaming and they is nothing they can do about it.

    I have no other choice but to look for other hosts who would
    serve us well. Any suggestians? How about Lunapages are they good?

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    Any ideas to this newbie?

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    Why do a search?
    See the Search link.
    No, it is not me!
    No, I did not do it!

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    Seems like they changed the limit of emails all account on the server can send per hour/day.

    Im unsure if you will find a host that doesnt have this type of limit, although some may be higher than others.

    i would recommend finding a host dedicated to Mailing list services and possibly using that seperately from your hosting account? such as something like

    Just an idea

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    Lunarpages seems to be a good host from what I've read. Do a search on these forums or go to their support forums and read what their clients say about them, how they handle support issues etc.
    The host quote feature suggested by gghosting could be helpful indeed:
    Clearly explain in it what you need, the number of emails that you need to send each day etc.
    Good luck!

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    having a seperate mailing list account is a better idea...
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