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    Looking to work ( Support guy. )

    You won't find anyone better!

    I'm looking for a support job heres what i can do.

    - Ticket Support
    - Live chat
    - Aim Support
    - Msn Support
    - Icq Support
    - Update Cpanel/WHM when new versions come out.

    i used to own my own hosting sevice i know how it all works.

    Im online everyday around 7-9 hours a day easy.

    What i want


    $20 Month Paypal.
    1000MB Space
    25,000MB Tranfer
    cPanel 8 or 9 even.

    Thats not much really.

    Please pm me

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    cool! I would hire you if i needed a support person! Thats pretty good 20 dollars a month! You should make it more since ur gonna be putting lots of hours in it. Good luck!
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    no problem
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    If anyone dont have the $20 im sure we can work out a deal anyways i need the hosting more.
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    I am looking for a customer service representative to help us respond to technical support tickets and (possibly) live help. Please PM me for more information.
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    Sorry job taken.

    Mods can close

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    Originally posted by Niftex
    Sorry job taken.

    Mods can close

    Thread Closed.
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