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    Question Domain Names....What To Do?

    I will be offering a new line of hosting in the next 3-4 days..but it wont include a question is, should i have people get their own, or should i offer to do it for them. If i had my pick, i would make them do it, but i may lose users that way. And since i am just starting out, thats going to take up alot of time/effort i could be putting somewhere else....any suggestions are welcomed..thanks Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
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    Well you could guide them through the process. I've actually had people open an account on GoDaddy then I do the rest.
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    You probably will loose new to hosting type clients, as they often do not know the difference between the two. We often have to explain the difference to less experienced users. I would say offer it, help them. It is a minor thing and if it works out you got a long time customer. I tend to think that this effort/help on your part should pay off over the long run and create a happy client...

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    What system are you using? Does it have the ability to add an API?
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    It's very easy for a web host to offer domain name registration. Sign up at any place that allows you to manage many domains on one control panel.

    With regular hosting customers, (non-resellers) you could very well lose a few if you don't offer this service.
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    i just take orders for 15.00 bucks and then put their info into my registerfly account and buy them the name (its theirs of course)

    for that price, it is full service registration, meaning they dont have to do anything to it as long as they buy from me... i do the work for them...
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