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    Need Help With this Flash thing....

    Hey guys I am have a flash intro I want to use but I am not sure how to make it advance to the next page when its finished or when someone clicks the skip button.....(yes I have the FLA file)
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    If you want it to go to an html page when u click it then use this on your button:

    on (release) {
    getURL("yoururl.html", "_self");

    If it's a different scene in flash then you'll have to tell it to go to a frame label.

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    which flash are you using, mx or mx 2004?

    Also, DO NOT use scenes, movie clips are the best way to go, for an intro, there should only be one frame on your main timeline with a movie clip inside it. If you are making a 5 page site, your main movie should only be 5 frames long. You can have more than 1 layer though.

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