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    Could someone please tell me why my post was deleted?

    About a day ago I started a topic asking why some hosts don't allow Movable Type on their servers and what blogging software do they allow, but today I noticed it's been deleted and my profile states my last post is one that I did over a month ago.

    I thought this is the forum to be asking this question like any other questions you would ask when you're trying to choose a host. Could someone please tell me why this post was deleted?

    Oops, I just made a mistake, ment to post this in the "Web Hosting Forum", could someone move it there.


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    Would that be this thread?

    And your profile must be broke for you. Because that's how I found that post. "Search for all posts by this user."
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    Thanks Dennis!

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    for some reason i made a few posts today and i do not see them up...

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