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    overture credit? how to get them?


    I've noticed a few places that offers $10 overture credit following their links to sign up. Then there's ipowerweb's $50 credit for a simple domain registration. So obviously these overture credits are cheap (probalby for a good reason but that's another diff animal). I just started a forum and wanted to put some traffic on it, and I figure the best way/simple way to use some overture exposure before search engine gets to it evetually (few weeks?).

    So I can use some overture credits. Any pointers/suggestions? Or is there a cheaper way just to BUY these credits? Anybody used them and know of any limitations? Can they be combined to be used on same domain account?

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    The free credits i have seen come from a resellers program($50) (cant remember which one now i have looked at so many) but when you join you can offer your users that credit as well...they must have some sort of deal (the reseller provider) with overture Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
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