Hi everyone

Im running a linux debian stable with the apache and php4.

I have 13 users, all with their own vhosts.
And im trying to add custom error documents for all users.

The users DocumentRoot are all located in

So, I've been trying to add a .htaccess in both /var/www
and /var/www/username/web/ but none of them works.

I followed a guide cutn paste the .htaccess file and uploaded, so I dont belive there is something wrong with that file.

But, maybe I have left something out in httpd.conf?

And yeah, a common ErrorDoc for all users will do just fine, im not making .htacces-file for each users, not this time anyways.

And for a second question:

How the **** can I make perl function?
I've done some research, install mod_perl and /server_info tells me that its installed correctly and all.
But when I try a filename.pl, I just get prompted with "download this file"
But this is realy a secondary question. Aimed for the perl gurus

All my researches has failed me so far, I hope someone has a solution for my problems.

http://andreas.spbk.no/ is my homepage if it is of any interest.