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    accessing site

    Hi, I have a small network (3 PC's) 2 win2k 1 redhat 9.0. The linux box is running apache. all 3 PC's connect to web via adsl router. the linux box has a website on it that I want to view from the web. I can access this site through its lan ip. But if I want a friend to look at from his PC how do I go about it? do I have to get a domain name?

    any help appreciated.


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    BobNZ, does your ISP allow for users to run web sites from home computers? Many ISPs will actually try to prevent this.

    If your host allows you to run a web site you do no need to get a domain name. EIther use your IP address or use for your URL.
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    Bob, you need to access the router and tell it to route all incoming requests via port 80 to the linux box's local IP.

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    Thanks guys.


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